Smart Car – Some of the Best Advertising I Have Seen

Posted on 21 July 2010 by Matt

I came across two ads for Smart Cars the other day and thought they were genius. The first one blew my mind and while I was made aware of the fact the ad was there, I assume many people never notice it. But, for those who do, I have a feeling they appreciate it even more than I do (if they get it of course). See the ad here:

Smart Car Ad1

The ad is so simple, but clearly the placement was thought out and in effect really drives the point home. I'm not sure you can convey the convenience of the Smart Car's size any other way. I do find it interesting that there are two car ads on the sides. It creates a great visual that implies parking spots, but I wonder what happens if the ads on either side change to another product. Much of the humor and message is conveyed by being between two other cars and not just a small advertising space. 

The second piece is one right up my alley. I am a huge fan of extremely creative outdoor and guerilla advertising. This display does a great job conveying the idea that the Smart Car is fun and powerful despite its small size. Here is this ad:

Smart Car Ad2

I find this one funny because I could see myself driving by day after day when the bridge is down and thinking to myself "what is so special about this ad." On the day I drive by and see the bridge up I know I would laugh pretty hard maybe even get a legitimate LOL out there (and I can use LOL because I actually would be laughing out loud). 

I didn't know it, but Smart Car does some really great advertising. This probably has to do with the fact that they are relatively new to the US. You can check out more of their ads here. I look forward to seeing ads her in the States because I think those face an interesting challenge; we love our big cars. 

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